Emily Gravett - "I've loved working with Lorraine. Not only is she incredibly efficient and organised, but it's been a pleasure to spend time with her. She knows how to handle every situation (and children's books can certainly put you in some bizarre situations!). What's more, she gives a lot of thought and attention to each author and how to further promote them." 

Chris Riddell - "Working with Lorraine has been a pleasure. She is one of the best publicists I have ever had, highly organised, intuitive and diplomatic. The events she organised for me were not only useful but also well chosen and a lot of fun. I can't recommend Lorraine highly enough.

Paul Stewart - "I worked with Lorraine Keating several times during her time at Macmillan, promoting my books with Chris Riddell. Every event she organized was well chosen, excellently planned and went really well, with engaged audiences and good book sales. Lorraine is confident, efficient and always cheerful, and works with behind-the-scenes efficiency that ensures every book event she organizes works smoothly and well." 

Chloe Inkpen - "Lorraine has been a huge help to me in publicising the Zoe and Beans picture book series. She's identified and contacted key bloggers on my behalf, arranged interviews with magazines and newspapers and co-ordinated numerous school and festival events. She takes the job and your experience as an author very seriously and goes out of her way to ensure things run smoothly. She's a calm and positive presence during events whilst also being assertive if any problems are encountered with the venues. She's organised and efficient and really lovely to work with. I can't recommend her highly enough." 

Cora Harrison - "I was very impressed by the way that Lorraine handled the publicity for my children’s book, ‘Debutantes’. She showed huge commitment and a great splurge of creative thinking in the way that she approached this. Lorraine's many and varied ideas for exposure to the teen market by cleverly communicating with blogs written by and for the age group, were a revelation to me."   

Jana Oliver - "After organising a multi-school book tour for me, one that involved over ten events in various cities all over England, I can attest to Lorraine's exceptional talent for keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. Even when life threw us the occasional curveball, she had a plan in hand and a smile in place. If you're seeking a topnotch publicist to help promote your name and your work, she's the best."